Holistic Human Performance Coach

Pyry Salmela


Medical Credentials

Master’s of Science in Strength & Conditioning at St Mary’s University, United Kingdom

Clinical Expertise

Holistic human performance

Their Story

My current work as a Performance Coach in Formula 1 has had a few important steps in my career development, which have made me the practitioner and the person I am today. Life as an athlete taught me discipline and resilience. Academics taught me how to integrate theories and science into practice. The personal training work in the early years taught me interpersonal skills and how to approach the coaching process based on individual needs and starting points. The work with youth and development athletes taught me the importance of joy when building the fundamental basis of long-term development. My work with professional and elite performers has taught me how to integrate high-performance practice around a number of internal and external elements. Therefore, every step of my career has been an essential part of the way I think about performance and holistic well-being today.

Training institutes

A long-standing member of the Formula 1 paddock, working as a driver Performance Coach.

Favourite Pastimes

Their Hobbies

Challenging myself by learning new skills.

Their Philosophy

I believe that a good leader leads by being an example of him or herself, whether that is a parent at home or CEO of a company. Therefore, standards and structured plan, which is well monitored are principles that I stand for. The first step of my coaching philosophy starts with four pillars: What, who, how, based on what. I aspire to lead individuals towards resilience in their physiological and psychological abilities. I like to think that coaching is like cooking, nothing beats good quality basic ingredients, seasoning, either way, lifts the dish or confuses the target.