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It all starts
with YU

From the heart of vibrant Dubai, a centre of advanced medicine awaits you. Integrating the world's best labs with customized, elite treatments, Yutopia can transform your health to that of a superhuman.

A world of advanced
medicine and treatment

Peptide therapy

Peptides are short chain amino acids with a distinctive ability to rebuild protein synthesis in the body. Similar to proteins, they are naturally present in foods and easy to absorb as they have easier access into the cell membrane. This helps to restore cellular function (and the body) to its original state.

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Hormonal replacement therapy (HRT)

Ease the degenerative side effects of aging and other medical issues with bio identical hormone replacement therapy, which uses all natural hormones that are identical to the hormones made by your body.

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Vitamin IV Drips

Everyone’s body is different. There’s no-one-size-fits-all formula. Depending on your body requirements, we can customize your infusions or you can choose from our signature IV formulas.

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Cutting-edge laboratory testing

We have innovative, exclusive, and cutting-edge labs with specialty testing not done elsewhere. Using exclusive markers, we can dig deeper into the nature of your overall health, thus allowing us to understand the root causes and drivers of any disease.

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Ozone & Oxygen therapy

This alternative therapy will flood your body with O3. Its unique structure as a trioxygen makes it a valuable bio hacking tool as it is able to activate several healing mechanisms. It is most commonly used to treat aging and many other chronic diseases

Chelation therapy

Chelation therapy is perfect for removing heavy metal toxins from your blood such as mercury, iron, lead, and aluminum.

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Osteopathy & Rehabilitation Massage

Manual orthopedic treatment that focuses on physiotherapy, reflexology, manual orthopedic techniques, and liberating rehabilitation massage that helps to alleviate chronic pain, post-injury ailment, and any debilitating side effects from surgery.

Breakthrough Therapies for Men’s Sexual Health

Proven protocols to enhance men’s sexual performance and stamina. A combination of specific blood work along with frequency treatments and bioidentical hormones when necessary to keep you and your partner happy and satisfied.

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Life Changing Functional Medicine

We identify root causes and follow evidence based therapeutic approach to chronic disease management

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BICOM Bioresonance is an alternative, non-invasive therapy, and bioenergetic treatment tool, which works with the different frequencies of an energetic system to restore cellular communication.

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Bioresonance can treat:

• Asthma in children and adults
• Depression/Anxiety 
• Increase sleepDecrease fatigue and Tiredness
• Boost immunity

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Energetic system

In addition to a lymphatic and vascular system, we also have an energetic system.

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Health Clinic

Yutopia offers a state of the art Performance Health Clinic that brings YU to your targeted performance level. A team of doctors, nutritionists, health coaches, and sports neuromuscular therapists will be working with YU to achieve your goals.

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What our clients say

“The best part of the whole journey is the personalized nature of it.The improvement I have seen is unbelievable. I noticed a difference after only one week of using the needed vitamins. I cannot express enough how much my deficiency has improved and how I feel overall. Thank you Yutopia for getting me back on track and for being there for me.”

Stephania, 28

“I feel much better after visiting Yutopia. I have a hectic weekday schedule that requires a lot of attention and energy and I feel much better after starting my treatment plan. My energy level has improved a lot. Completely recommend it for everyone who is looking to improve their energy levels and focus.”

Ahmad, 34

"My energy levels are up like never before, my sleep has improved, and I’m feeling great – physically, mentally and emotionally. It was a very simple process and through one blood test it was amazing to see that they knew exactly where I stood. My amazing team dedicated their time to thoroughly understanding my lifestyle (past and present). With that, they were able to create a program that corrected my deficiencies and brought me up to my optimal performance."

Moshaal, 29

“I have suffered with allergic rhinitis since I was a teenager and over the years it got progressively worse. Then I was introduced to the amazing doctor Porras and my treatment started. THIS WORKS!!! My allergies are under control. I have stopped all steroids and lessened my intake of antihistamines. Anyone suffering like me, you have got to give this a go. Thank you team Yutopia from the bottom of my heart. This clinic isn’t about making money; it’s about making you better.”

Anisha, 41

“Amazing place to get reconnected with your body and discover the root causes of any underlying health issues, it is also a great place to visit even if you are at your optimum health and would like to maintain that. The staff are very friendly and professional. They respond to any questions you have. It is great that there is something like this in Dubai!”

Halah, 31

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