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Holistic Psychologist

We are seeking a psychologist with special interest in integrative and holistic approach

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Psychologist/ Integrative Psychologist/Holistic Psychologist.

We are hiring psychologist with special interest in holistic and integartive approach to join our team!

Successful applicants will be able to conduct psychological examinations and testing, as well as diagnose, recommend, and treat patients with holistic approach.

Excellent interpersonal, communication, and analytical skills are required, as they will assist in the coordination and collaboration of care with our interdisciplinary team.

Our ideal candidate has a Doctorate in Psychology and 1-3 years of supervised professional experience.

Psychologist Responsibilities

  • Diagnose problems by identifying psychological, emotional, behavioral, or organizational concerns
  • Create and manage treatment plans and therapeutic procedures, as well as conduct frequent meetings or sessions to track client progress
  • Evaluate and analyze behavioral or emotional patterns that might help patients better understand and anticipate their own behavior
  • Ensure that patients have proper resources using a holistic approach of referral

Psychologist Qualifications

  • Must have a bachelor’s degree or a Doctor of Psychology
  • DHA license is preferable
  • 1-3 years of clinical experience
  • Must have exceptional analytical skills, communication skills, and observational skills