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gluten free diet


We dig to find the root causes and use evidence-based, therapeutic approaches to manage chronic diseases.

Root Causes
-Holistic Approach
-Customized Treatment 

-Digestive Issues
Gut healing is at the core of our priorities. With the best, cutting-edge testing, we can detect the root causes of any digestive problem.
-Hormonal Imbalances
Our advanced lab testing can help pinpoint any imbalances. We also provide you with customized treatments to tackle these hormonal imbalances once and for all. 
-Adrenal Dysfunction/Stress/Burnout
With our multidisciplinary holistic approach and cutting-edge testing,…
-Maternal Support
By closely monitoring your lab work, we will help optimize your diet and ensure that you are getting all the nutrients your body needs.
-Thyroid Conditions
We test for thyroid and inflammatory markers. With state-of-the-art testing, we can determine which nutrients you need that are crucial for thyroid health.
-Autoimmune Disease
Our team will do whatever it takes to bring down any irritation that makes flares more extreme.
-Skin Issues
Adult acne can be a pain. That’s why our doctors will work tirelessly to determine its underlying cause. It’s time for you to live an acne-free life with confidence!
We will strive to implement a healthier lifestyle for you. Together, we will improve your diet and reduce your usage of prescription drugs.

Natural Hormone Replacement Therapy


Functional Nutrition is the essence of your wellness journey. It is the stepping stone to a healthier and happier life. That’s why we don’t believe in those generic diet programs.
We analyze the algorithms of your body to pinpoint which type of diet will bring you the best results. Our team of experts can customize your diet whether it is gluten-free, dairy-free, Paleo, FODMAP, Keto, or, even,  intermittent fasting

laboratory testing


We have innovative, extensive, and cutting-edge labs with specialty testing and exclusive markers that allow us to dig deeper into the nature and understanding of your overall health.

The most comprehensive hormonal test in the world designed specially to cater to hormonal testing.

Get to know your gut’s microbiome to understand everything there is to know about your gut. With more than 150 markers, you can determine if there are missing good bacteria or any excess parasites, candida, fungal overgrowth, inflammatory markers or bad bacteria in the gut.

If you are feeling symptoms it could be the result of mold toxicity. Dubai’s high humidity of 80% to 90% is a perfect medium for mold to grow.

Various symptoms and manifestations are common with mold toxicity. In Dubai, we are very dependent on Air Conditioners which cater to the growth of mold.

In our lives, we are exposed to more than 700,000 toxic chemicals every single day. This can include plastic usage, cosmetics, perfumes, cleaning products, or detergents. It could even be heavy metals such as mercury, lead, aluminum, or dental amalgam.

There is an abundance of food intolerance tests at your disposal. At Yutopia, we send the test to a special lab in the United States of America that uses the Elysie technique to give the most reliable and trustworthy result. It’s a conclusive test that can tell you whether you are able to eat gluten or not.
-Cyrex Labs
-Doctors Data
-Great Plains
-Dutch Testing

Post Covid infection


A unique, manual and mechanical treatment provided by Nadia Nassif for cellulite, varicose veins, and cholesterol.  Focusing on blood and lymph micro-circulation improvement, this innovative treatment is noninvasive and natural. It includes a one-of-a-kind method of fully drain any excess, accumulated fluids.



Manual Orthopedic Treatment, mastered by Sami Chehade, focuses on physiotherapy, reflexology and manual osteopathic techniques for orthopedic injuries, migraines, pain and neurological disorders.

What can it help?
- Chronic Back Pain
- Sports Injuries
- Neurological Disorders
- Post-surgery Complications
- Migraines



This incredibly liberating massage is highly effective for chronic pain, post-injury care and surgeries. Our Massage Therapist, Michelle, combines a range of motion and muscle elasticity and balances it with individual muscles to break up scar tissue and fibrotic lesions that are limiting certain body movements.



Ozone Therapy will increase oxygen levels in the blood. It will distribute oxygen to the whole body and is, most commonly, used to treat aging, heart problems, and many other chronic diseases.

Ozone Therapy has been used for many years, which speaks to its safety and credibility. It is different from the oxygen (O2) that we breathe in the air. Ozone is an “activated” form of oxygen that contains three oxygen atoms (O3). This gives it stronger properties and oxidative effects. This valuable treatment is proven to fight various diseases and improve your overall health.

The Benefits of Ozone Therapy
Ozone therapy is for everyone. It has no side effects and can be used to treat multiple conditions at once. Some of these benefits are:

- Anti-Aging and Skin Rejuvenation
-Anti-Oxidant and Ant-Inflammatory
-Helps to balance the immune system
-Stimulates energy
-Enhances brain function
-Diminishes postoperative complications
-Speeds up wound healing
-Diminishes the appearance of acne and psoriasis
-Aids in reducing the risk of cancer
-Helps eliminate viruses, fungi and bacteria

How Ozone Therapy Works at Yutopia?
We can provide you with the world’s best ozone treatment. Ozone Auto-Hemotherapy, which includes a blood transfusion, is a vital part of this therapy. It is done by taking blood from your arm and then reintroduced to your body using an IV bag. This therapy even involves direct ozone injections for acute or chronic joint, neck, hip and back pain.


Oxygen Treatment (Bold’air)Get the Swiss Alp feeling in Dubai

Who would benefit from the machine?

Anyone looking to preserve their
-healthPeople suffering from allergies during a change of seasons
-People exposed to pollutionPeople suffering from chronic fatigue
-Athletes wanting to improve their performance, endurance, and recovery

How does it work?

-It improves the levels of oxygen in your body
-The aim is not to enable the intake of more oxygen but to improve its use in order to maintain oxygenation.
-It transforms volatile elements of a pine resin extract, Orésine®, into oxygen-bearing molecules which stimulate -the transporting and release of oxygen in cells without oxidative stress.


BICOM® Bioresonance uses the frequencies emitted by living cells in the body to diagnose and treat. It is a pain-free therapy making it suitable for children over 4 years old.After diagnosis, treatment can be done by assisting the body to reduce its toxin or stress load. It allows the body to heal itself. Our goal is to bring your body back into balance by removing unwanted physical stress.


Who would benefit from bioresonance? What can bioresonance treat?

Bio resonance testing and treatment is useful for individuals suffering from:
Allergies and Asthma
Food intolerance and sensitivities
Digestive problems caused by bacterial, parasitic, or fungal overgrowth
Chronic fatigue
Chronic pain
Skin diseases like urticaria, rashes, etc.Lyme disease
Mold toxicity

bioresonance treat

What are the side effects of bioresonance?

BICOM® works at low frequencies that it creates no side effects. It is a non-invasive therapy and, and without a doubt, very safe.



A tailored treatment individualized for each person based on genetic profile or other biomarkers.

IV Therapy

Everyone’s body is different. Yours might have specific requirements to benefit from this therapy. Depending on what they are, you can customize your infusion or choose from one of our signature IV formulas.


Choose from our Menu:

  • Antioxidant Deluxe and Liver
    CleanseIt’s time to lead a happier and healthier life by removing the toxins and oxidative stress on your body. This will boost your metabolism and lead to better nutrient absorption.
  • Energy Booster Pack-Travel Recovery For Men & Women
    Long flight hours? Jetlag? Busy schedule? Looking for a quick recovery from your travels? This drip will boost your energy levels to continue any busy schedule with minimal wear and tear.
  • Super NAD for Mind Clarity and Brain Performance-Mental Resuscitation
    Activate your brain's neuron function to increase your mental cognition, develop your mental clarity, higher your concentration, and enhance your memory function.
  • Migraine Rescue IV
    This therapy fights migraines and relieves the pain. It can do wonders for you by preventing future migraines. Migraine Rescue IV also rejuvenates and detoxifies your body.
  • Immunity Booster IV
    Protect yourself from different type of infections during this pandemic with a special formula that includes vitamin C, zinc, glutathione, B vitamins, vitamin A, as well as other nutrients needed to boost your immune system.
  • Performance
  1. PRE-WORKOUT  Training Package
    This versatile and dynamic training package can increase your activity tolerance and improve your training efficiency. With a blend of amino acids, minerals and vitamins, you can get on the right track towards a healthier, athletic performance.
  2. POST-WORKOUT Rescue Pack
    We are coming to your rescue to recover your strength and increase your endurance with an effective blend of Amino Acids, Vitamins & Minerals with ALA.
  • Glow and Grow
    Rejuvenate your skin with this enlightening therapy for a radiant, fresh, and glowing skin, experience an effective cocktail of Myers formula that includes glutathione, zinc, biotin, vitamin C, hydrating fluids, and other nutrients that will guarantee the ultimate result.
  • Hangover IV
    After a long night partying, this is your one-way ticket to soothe the hangover and cleanse your body of the alcohol. This effective drip will help reduce the discomfort caused by hangovers and detox the body.
  • During COVID IV Support
    Protect yourself with a blend of minerals, high dose vitamin C, selenium and glutathione inhaler
    * Nutrients Booster
    * Immunity Booster
    * Faster Recovery
    * Lung Resuscitation
  • Post COVID IV Recovery
    Revive your body with this blend of immunity boosters and oxygen therapy.
    * Body Replenish
    * Immunity Booster
    * Recovery

Chelation Therapy

Chelation Therapy is perfect for removing heavy metal toxins from your blood such as Mercury, Lead, Cadmium and Aluminum. These metals can cause heart disease, chronic infections, and neurodegenerative disorders like Alzheimer’s dementia and autism. Over time they can cause symptoms such as tremors, muscle weakness, poor performance, weight loss, fatigue, digestive problems and irritation


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Who benefits from the Chelation treatment?

·        People with a family history of Alzheimer’s and Dementia

·        People suffering from brain fog

·        People with heavy metal toxicities

How does it work at Yutopia?

·        Step 1: Get tested

        ·        At Yutopia, you will have access to the world’s finest tests for metal toxicities through urine, hair or blood samples.

·        Step 2: Individualized Chelation Treatment

         ·        If toxic levels of metals are found, IV Chelation is highly recommended. It’s a combination of chelating agents such as EDTA with essential minerals and vitamins to remove toxins. This is usually done in 1 to 2 hours and it is highly recommended to have it done at the clinic.

Peptide Bioregulator

Peptide bio regulators are short chain amino acids with a distinctive capability to rebuild the protein synthesis in the body. Similar to proteins, peptides are naturally present in foods. Peptides are easy to absorb. Since they are smaller and more broken down than proteins. They can easily penetrate the skin and intestines, which help them to enter the bloodstream quicker. Unlike medications, peptides have the ability to make cells revert to their original state and cure the body.


Peptides can support with:

·        Weight loss and metabolic disorders such as diabetes

·       Muscle building

·        Anti-aging

·       Improve wound healing

·       Prevent age-related bone loss

·       Neuro-protective and neurodegenerative

·       Natural hormonal support

·       Immunity

·       Inflammation reduction

Natural Hormone Replacement Therapy

Also known as Bio-Identical Hormonetherapy (bHRT) utilizes a plant-based hormone to restore and optimize the hormone levels in our body. The aging process happens because our hormone levels decline. Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy is meticulously designed to rebalance and optimize your hormone levels. At Yutopia, we strive to optimize your hormone levels a more tailored dietary plan and healthier lifestyle for you. This will help you get all the nutrients you need to stay young and healthy!


Benefits of using bHRT

  • Weight loss
  • Skin elasticity and glow
  • Increased energy levels
  • Restored sexual drive and libido
  • Increased lean muscle mass and decreased body fat
  • Better cognitive and memory function
  • Increased vitality and tolerance to stress
  • Improved bone and joint health
  • Restore immune function

Treatment at Your Doorstep

Are you unable to join us at YUTOPIA?

No problem at all - our team of well-equipped medical specialists are prepared to bring our services to your doorsteps.

- Have your IV drip at home
- Have your blood test at home
- Have a discrete STD test at home

Contact us to know more!

Functional and integrative medicine

A patient-centered approach to chronic disease management, identifying root causes and utilizing the most up-to-date and evidence based health information available today.

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Functional and integrative medicine

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