Reasons why you are tired!

October 22, 2023
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Why are we all so tired?  Is the most asked question on Google. From a functional medicine perspective fatigue or general tiredness causes can vary from food intolerances, stress, chronic inflammation, vitamins and mineral deficiencies to hormonal imbalances and much more.

At Yutopia, we do the most comprehensive testing to discover the root cause of an individual’s symptoms of fatigue so we can come up with most effective treatment plan.

Below are few reasons of why you may be tired!

Vitamins and minerals deficiencies

Fatigue and general tiredness are the earliest and most prominent signs and symptoms associated with vitamin and mineral deficiencies. When someone complains of fatigue, it’s important to rule out nutrient deficiency. The most common are:

Iron deficiency

This is the most common cause of fatigue and affects about 30% of the world’s population. Iron plays an important role in blood oxygenation, so without enough of it in your diet, your body can’t make enough haemoglobin to transport oxygen throughout the body, thus leading to low energy levels.

Inadequate B12

When the level of B-12 falls below the sub-optimum level, it decreases normal red blood cell production, which can impair oxygen delivery and eventually lead to low energy

Deficiencies in other B Vitamins

such as thiamine, folate and niacin. These are directly involved in the production of energy.

Magnesium deficiency

magnesium is a cofactor in over 300 body processes, one of which is the production of energy. ATP, the energy currency of the body, binds itself to magnesium in order to be made biologically active. It is therefore considered a critical player in our overall health. Magnesium deficiency, in fact, is directly correlated with chronic fatigue syndrome. This means that when magnesium falls below the desired level, the body cannot utilise ATPs to produce oxygen, thus causing tiredness.

Vitamin D deficiency

This is very common as it affects about 1 billion people globally. Vitamin D should always be considered if you’re experiencing fatigue. 

Hormonal imbalance

Hormonal imbalance can cause extreme fatigue, especially in women. The most common hormonal imbalance is Hypothyroidism, which is when your thyroid gland is under-active. Hypothyroidism causes exhaustion and fatigue. At Yutopia, we do comprehensive thyroid testing to test for markers that help us assess and optimise the functioning of your thyroid.

Food intolerance

Food intolerance has multiple hidden symptoms which might not be directly linked to food. This makes it difficult to pinpoint and recognise them. Nevertheless, they can have a significant impact on our health and can manifest in a variety of symptoms such as fatigue. The best way to rule out food intolerance is through detailed testing. At Yutopia, we can do just that. Our team not only knows how to identify food intolerance, but can prescribe the best treatment to combat it. 

Gut imbalance

Gut imbalance is very common and is often missed by health care professionals, especially when fatigue is the symptom because it is not solely symptomatic of Gut imbalance. There are a few types of parasites, for instance, such as giardia which cause fatigue and do not appear in normal stool analysis! This is why comprehensive Gut tests are essential when you are experiencing unexplained fatigue! 

Dehydration or Electrolyte deficiency

Now that we are approaching summer in Dubai, we need to take hydration into consideration. When you are dehydrated, your blood becomes slightly thicker, which makes it harder for your heart to pump it through your body. Your body already has to work quite hard to send blood to your brain, so when that becomes more challenging, you really feel the effects. 

Sleep deprivation

Our team can work with you on a care plan to fix the nocturnal quality of your sleep. Napping, though, can also help fortify your mental and physical health considerably.

If you are experiencing unexplained fatigue, you should consider getting tested for essential markers! At Yutopia, we run a complete blood panel to check for micronutrients and mineral deficiencies and provide you with customised supplements and nutrient rich diet plans. We also conduct thyroid tests, food intolerance tests, and OAT tests, which check for mitochondrial dysfunction and the presence of B vitamins.  


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