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Fernando Porras, MD


Fernando is a dedicated practitioner at Yutopia with a background in primary care and preventive medicine. After years of experience, he transitioned to Functional Medicine to offer more comprehensive care. He holds an M.D. from the University of Medical Science in San Jose, Costa Rica, and is certified in Functional Medicine through the Kresser Institute. Fernando is passionate about collaborating with patients to achieve optimal health.

Fernando Porras, MD

Confidently treats:

Medical Credentials

M.D. from the University of Medical Science in San Jose, Costa Rica, 2011

Clinical Expertise

Functional Medicine to treat autoimmune disease, gut health, hormone imbalance, reverse chronic conditions and improve overall health.

Their Story

For several years, Fernando worked in primary care and preventive medicine, treating patients of all ages in acute and chronic settings. While he greatly enjoyed working with patients, he was not fully satisfied, and he became interested in providing other types of care and treatment to the people that required it. Consequently, he decided to specialize in a different approach with Functional Medicine, which allowed him to become acquainted with a more comprehensive and integral way of working with patients and practicing medicine. He has also been influenced by other physicians in the Functional Medicine field, in which he has received continued education for many years. He feels truly blessed to be able to work with patients and, together, find the best way for them to achieve optimal health.

Training institutes

Kresser institute Functional Medicine ADAPT Level 1 Practitioner. Bredesen-Protocol Trained - ReCODE Approved Physician

Favourite Pastimes

Their Hobbies

Fernando spends most of his free time finding ways to improve his health, either through food, exercise, or relaxation. He enjoys the outdoors, going to the gym and spending time with his family.

Their Philosophy

Fernando strongly believes that, in order to achieve great health, we must first remove what is causing us harm. He is of the steadfast opinion that we do not have to do this alone and that by working together with a multidisciplinary team, the road to recovery is near. “Before you heal someone, ask him if he’s willing to give up the things that make him sick.” — Hippocrates

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