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Yutopia’s comprehensive corporate wellness programs enable us to provide enhanced, sophisticated, and technology-supported corporate wellness offerings to encourage  healthy, happy, and active workplaces.

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Our holistic and innovative wellness solutions deliver real results for companies of all sizes in Dubai.

From employee memberships and onsite fitness programs to online wellness resources, our customized offerings empower healthy and happy workforces.

Yutopia understands that attracting and retaining your talent is a high priority in a competitive job market.

That is why we provide close collaborations with experts who will always keep your employees’ health goals and objectives at the forefront of their treatment plans, which are not only designed to meet the demands of the employee, but the employer.

Even if you have an existing wellness program, we can supplement your offering with scalable and flexible solutions from assessment and risk identification to targeted interventions

Assess organizational / individual risks and identify strategies that will mitigate those risks.

Onsite Health Biometric screening

Physician speakers

Wellness challenges and health engagement activities

Special programs: Smoking cessation programs

Special programs: Smoking cessation programs

Menu aggregation

Wellness seminars/webinars

Health coaching

Dedicated support team

Yutopia will develop a wellness program that speaks to your company’s unique needs.

Wellness program services include:
Project Yu
6 month individual focused health membership that includes the following · Complete Blood tests that covers over 51 markers (Kidney profile, liver profile, hormonal profile, blood sugar profile, Iron profile) · Body composition tests · Tailored Care plans that includes nutritional supplements, personalized diet plan, and lifestyle changes · Uninterrupted support and follow-up
Onsite manual adjustments
Yutopia offers once-a-week manual adjustments from Dubai’s best therapist.
Massage treatments
Yutopia also offers a quality massage experience whether you select our On-the-Run Massage or Full Body Massage. Each is customized to meet the personal needs of the participant.
Nutrition Services
Yutopia is able to enhance your corporate wellness program with on-site and online nutrition services. This ideal combination if you want to maximize results.
Incentives & Rewards
Yutopia has created a number of wellness ‘’games’’ for clients aimed at enhancing a healthy approach to lifestyle choices (diet and exercise), encouraging collaborative efforts, and promoting a company’s product launch or seasonal event. We work with clients to develop innovative and creative programs that suit the individual needs of the corporate wellness project.